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A Service Bulletin is the equivalent of an AD on a Certified Aircraft.  In the Experimental Regulations, no channel exists for AD's, as such we call them Service Bulletins.  A Service Letter is either a suggested change, or designed as an assistance to the owner for an area where multiple difficulties arise.

M1=Model 1 S5=Series 5 All
M2=Model 2 S5=Series 5 Safari/Outback
M3=Model 3 S5=Series 5 Voyager/Vixen
M4=Model 4-1050 S6=Series 6
M4/C4=Model 4-1200 L=Lite
M4=Model 4 Speedster L2=Lite²
  S7=Series 7
  S7SS=Series 7 Super Sport


Service Letters (Click on the Service Letter for Link)



#1-Finger Strainers

  Early M1 (Prior to Letter) 

#2-Fuel Tank Installation

   Early M1 (Prior to Letter)

#3-Spark Plugs and Shields

  Early M1 (Prior to Letter)


   Early M1 (Prior to Letter)

#5-FAB-11 & FAB-13 Bushings, Elevator Control Tube

   M1 SN: 56-112

#6-Rotax 532LC Rubber Intake Flanges

11/7/1986 Specific SN Rotax Engines 

#7-Wing Tank Fuel Caps

5/6/1987 M1 (Prior to Letter)

#8-Lift Strut Modification

5/6/1987 M1 SN: 2-116

#9-Plastic Spinners

6/9/1987 M1 with 3 Blade Prop and Plastic Spinner

#10-Wing Tank "T" Fittings

8/14/1987 M1 (Prior to Letter)

#11-Wing Tank Recall

8/20/1987 M1 (Prior to March 23, 1987)

#12-1/4" Propeller Bolts

6/30/1988 M1, M2 (Prior to Letter)

#13-Not Used


#14-E-33 Aluminum Rear Spinner Bulkheads

12/27/1988 M1, M2 SN: 2-263, 278-281

#15-Wing Tanks, WT-1R and WT-1L and Header

3/27/1989 M1, M2 SN: 2-270

#16-Eletric Starter

6/7/1990 Specific Rotax 503, 532 & 582 Engines (Prior to Letter)

#17-Not Used


#18-Preflight Inspection of Rudder Cables

7/22/1991 M1, M2, M3

#19-Oil Injection System

9/3/1991 All Models with Rotax 582 Engines (Prior to letter)

#19A-Oil Injection Systems (Revised)

5/9/1994 All Rotax 2-Stroke Engines

#20-Shock Cords

9/19/1991 M3, M4 (Prior to Letter)

#21-Cotton Pox Micro-Balloons

10/16/1991 M3, M4 SN: 1143-1420

#22-Header Tank and Fuel Line Routing

10/22/1992 All Models using a Header Tank

#23-Dual Brake Braking Problems

12/7/1992 All Models Equipped with Dual Brake Option

#24-Propellar Installation, Torquing Procedures and Maintenance

12/14/1992 All Models

#25-Lift Strut Attachment

3/12/1993 All Models

#25A-Lift Strut Attachment (REVISED)

  1. Wing Dihedral

  2. Lift Strut Adjustment

  1. All non S5 Kitfox's
  2. All Models

#25B-Lift Strut Attachment (REVISED)

  1. Wing Dihedral

  2. Lift Strut Adjustment

  1. All non S5 Kitfox's
  2. All Models

#26-Nose Gear Piston

2/10/1994 S5 Vixen SN: ECV001-LCV023

#27-Airspeed Indicators and Pitot Static System

5/1/1994 All Kitfox™ Owners

#27A-Airspeed Indicators and Pitot Static System (REVISED)

9/7/1994 All Kitfox™ Owners

#28-Sound Absorbing Kit

5/1/1994 All Kitfox's using Rotax 912 with optional pre-sewn sound insulation material installed on the firewall

#29-Vixen Documentation and Upgrade

4/6/1994 All S5 Vixen Owners

#30-Aft CG Limit

5/1/1994 All M4-1200 Models

#30A-Aft CG Limit (REVISED)

9/7/1994 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#31-Tail Skid Bushing

8/15/1994 All S5 Vixen 1200# Models

#32-Elevator Push-Pull Tubes

6/23/1994 All S5 Models

#33-Fuel Valve Mounting Bushing

6/24/1994 All S5 Vixen 1200# Models

#34-Series 5 Horizontal Bushing

8/19/1994 All S5 Models

#35-Rotax 582 Choke Control

8/19/1994 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#36-Cable Guides

8/22/1994 All S5 Models

#37-Series 5 Wing Folding

8/22/1994 All S5 Models

#38-Elevator Control Stop Bushing

9/12/1994 All S5 Models

#39-Belly Stringer Forward Attach Angle

9/14/1994 All S5 Models 

#40-Bridge Rectifier

11/19/1994 All Models

#41-Charging System

10/19/1994 All Models

#42-Center Firewall Section

11/9/1994 All S5 Engine Kits prior to 11/31/94

#43-Series 5 Speedster Rudder

11/28/1994 All S5 Speedsters

#44-Series 5 Connect Tube Threads

11/29/1994 All S5 Fuselage Kits prior to 11/31/94

#45-Ensuring Proper Fuel System Performance

9/21/1995 All Models with Wing Tanks

#46-Possible Fatigue of Vixen Nose Gear Fork

9/1/1995 All S5 Vixens

#47-Rudder Pedal Torgue Tube Cracking

8/22/1995 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#48-Welded Landing Gear

8/22/1995 All Taildraggers Aircraft with Welded Landing Gear

#49-Rotax Service Bulletins

8/25/1995 All Models Powered by Rotax Engines

#50-Matco M62 Wheel Installation

8/28/1995 Models with Matco W62 Wheels

#51-Series 5 Round Cowl, Rotax 912 Exhaust System

9/11/1995 S5 Models using Round Cowls and Rotax 912 Engines

#52-Pulsar II and III Aircraft

11/23/1998 Pulsar II & III Models

#53-Rotax 912 and 912S Engine Installations (Pulsar)


Pulsar II & III Models

#54-Field Service Report Request


S5 Models

#55-Weight and Balance


S5 Vixen & Voyager





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