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Kitfox S7 Super Sport Specifications and Performance



Wing Span 32 ft
Wing Area 132 ft²
Cabin Width 43”
Length 19’-8”
Wings Folded Length 22’-7”
Wings Folded Width 8’-0”
Height 5’8” Tail Wheel
Height 8’-0” Tri-Gear
Fuel Capacity 27 Gallons Standard
Seats 2 - Side by Side
Baggage Capacity up to 150 lbs
Flight Load Limits +3.8g / -1.52 Sustained
(+150% Safety Factor) Ultimate loads +5.7g / -3.8g
Empty Weight  750 lbs
Useful Load 800 lbs
Gross Weight - Structurally tested to 1550 lbs
Light Sport - Limited to 1320 on Gear
Light Sport - Limited to 1430 on Floats


Takeoff Ground Roll 290 ft
Landing Ground Roll 270 ft
Rate of Climb 1000 fpm
Vne  140 mph
Top Speed 125 mph
Cruise 120 mph
Stall Vso 41 mph
Endurance 5.4 hours
Range @ 4.8 gph = 612 miles
(with VFR Reserve)
Service Ceiling 16000 MSL

Performance figures are calculated using average pilot weight and pilot skills with standard sea level conditions and powered by the Rotax 912ULS.


Proudly Made in the USA

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