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Kitfox Classic IV


Currently Out of Production

With thousands sold all over the world the Classic 4 has evolved over the last 30 years to become the icon of the Kitfox. 4130 chromoly tubing structure, folding wings, multiple engine, cowling, and landing gear choices. The Classic 4 is the most copied kit built aircraft on the market today.

The Classic IV continued to offer the European market the opportunity to own and fly the Kitfox and still does.  However, with the European market adapting to the higher gross weights the S7 Super Sport is becoming the Kitfox of choice.

When the Light Sport Aircraft rules were introduced, the maximum gross weight allowance was 1232 lbs.  At 1200 max gross, The Classic IV fit into this limit very nicely and quickly became the Poster Child for the Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot rules.

The 1232 lbs max limit was based on the European rules and proposed changes.  When the actual rule was published, the maximum gross weight was increase to 1320 lbs for gear equipped aircraft and 1430 lbs for those on floats.  This allowed the Series 7 Super Sport Aircraft to fit into the Light Sport Aircraft rule and have a lot of margin for safety built in.  The Series 7 Super Sport was originally designed and tested to maximum gross weight capabilities of 1550 lbs max gross at +5.7 G's and -3.8 G's ultimate loads.  Because of the Kitfox's light empty weight it allows the Super Sport to be operated at the lower 1320 lbs or 1430 lbs and still carry up to 150 lbs of baggage and 2 adults.

With over 30 years of development and testing, over a million accumulated flight hours it's no wonder the Kitfox has the safest record in the industry.  Safety must be first in your kit plane choice.

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