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Kitfox Aircraft S7 Super Sport!

The Kitfox S7 Super Sport brings to life the thrill of building and owning an absolutely fun and safe aircraft that has no equal in it's class.  With useful loads up to 800 pounds, 27 gallon fuel capacity, 150 pound cargo capacity and STOL performance, the Super Sport is just waiting to take you where most planes can only dream about and still cruise cross country comfortably sipping on 5 gph. Having a wide cockpit, folding wings, able to convert from tail wheel to nose wheel easily makes the Super Sport extremely versatile.

Larger, faster and able to lift more that any other Kitfox, the S7 Super Sport is the top of the Kitfox line. It can be equipped with Rotax turbo power, Continental, Lycoming or Rotec Radial engines.  With great high altitude performance and long range the Super Sport is in a class by itself and is Sport Plane compliant!  When equipped with an aspirated engine and certified to the maximum gross weight authorized by the Sport Pilot regulations, a Sport Pilot may operate the Kitfox Super Sport with no FAA medical certificate required.  The Series 7 Super Sport Aircraft fits into the Light Sport Aircraft rule with a lot of margin for safety built in.  The Series 7 Super Sport was originally designed and tested to maximum gross weight capabilities of 1550 lbs max gross at +5.7 G's and -2.28 G's ultimate loads.  With the Kitfox's light empty weight it allows the Super Sport to be operated with up to an 800 lbs useful load.   With over 32 years of development and testing, over a million accumulated flight hours it's no wonder the Kitfox has the safest record in the industry.  Safety must be first in your kit plane choice.


Tailwheel OR Tri-Gear      Change your mind.. Change your Gear... Even After the Build!

Folding Wings Standard