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FAA "Bill Of Sale" Regulations

The FAA requires you to submit form AC8050-2 "Aircraft Bill of Sale" as part of your registration process. This form needs to be signed by the kit manufacturer. If you have purchased a kit from Kitfox Aircraft LLC, this form should have been part of your kit, but if you are missing it, we would be happy to complete this form and mail it to you, to include with your registration paperwork.


If you purchased your kit from another builder you will need to have that person complete an AC8050-2 “Aircraft Bill of Sale” showing the kit being sold to you and also have the same signed by the original kit manufacturer to the original purchaser/builder as the FAA will require a complete paper trail.

If the original kit manufacturer was NOT Kitfox Aircraft LLC, i.e. Skystar Aircraft Corporation or Denney Aerocraft or Aero Design's and since they are no longer in business, you need to include the attached information with your registration paperwork to the FAA:


It is possible that the FAA is under the incorrect impression that Kitfox Aircraft LLC, SkyStar Aircraft Corporation, and Denney Aerocraft are the same company, thereby causing problems with the registration process. The following letter has been mailed to the FAA for clarification in this matter.  For simplicity purpose, print and send a copy of the attached letter with your registration paperwork to the FAA.