"The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground!"

The Kitfox is a flying enthusiast's dream. In production for over 33 years, the Kitfox is an economical airplane you can build yourself and fly with the greatest of ease. Over 6000 kits have been delivered into 42 different countries around the world.  Kitfoxes fly everything from Safari researches in Africa, to breakfast runs across America, back country camping trips, to seaplane weekend fun.  When many are done, they trailer it home, and park it in the garage! - why don't you join the excitement?

Our customers tell us they chose the Kitfox because of its ease to build, impeccable safety record, fun flying characteristics, great STOL performance, and the level of customer service reputation we've built over the years. It is also 100% USA manufactured.

Years of builder experience has gone into the refined design and construction of the Kitfox. Each Kitfox builder's kit comes complete with a highly refined assembly manual that makes the step-by-step process easy to follow and rewarding to undertake.

The Kitfox is easy to fly, too!  It's a "hands-off" experience to cruise along at a leisurely pace without fighting the rudder while you enjoy watching the world below you.

A complete technical support team is readily available to assist new builders and current owners with their questions and requests for guidance. There is also a complete inventory of parts and accessories available.

There is a strong worldwide network of Kitfox enthusiasts who are very supportive with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

In general aviation the Kitfox has become synonymous with quality, value and performance.  As a pioneer of the kit industry, the Kitfox has set standards for kit quality and completeness, technical documentation and builder support that are second to none.

The Kitfox is first built from sub-components that are placed into the large parent jig built to FAR. Part 23 certification standards.  Kitfox employs the finest welders to ensure that your frame is complete, safe, and ready to build!  It's no small wonder that there has NEVER been an in-flight failure of a Kitfox frame!  32 years and 6000+ frames, we take safety seriously! Our frames are built from 4130 Chromoly steel, oil treated on the interior for corrosion protection.  Using the MIG welding process as a primary weld, we are able to control the heat zones effectively for the least amount of stress to the metal.

Our machine shop does more than meets the eye.  Each small fabricated tab is created from raw stock.  The welders pull these tabs and pre-set them to the frame.  Bends, cuts, holes are prepared for you, making the Kitfox remain one of the easiest kits in the industry to build!  We employ a machine shop so that you do not need to build your own shop stocked with expensive machinery!  Some basic tools, a belt sander/disc sander, drill press, cordless drills, household iron, and you're set to build!  For the unique tools, like cleco pliers, long #30/#40 drill bits, small hobby iron, fabric glue gun, etc. are all sold as a popular optional tool kit for the builder.

The parts department staff have probably the most difficult job in the factory.  Each and every AN grade bolt, nut, nut-plate, washer, etc., is hand pulled and bagged/tagged with a label to produce the boxed aspect of the kit inventory.  Working from a master parts pick list, these people walk the isles and pull each and every item you'll need to build your Kitfox.  We even include zip-ties and safety wire in our kits!  COMPLETE!  They are then boxed, staged, and when ready sent for inclusion in your kit!

We also maintain a large parts inventory for local pilots and builders.  Many other kit builders will call on Kitfox to obtain the parts needed to complete their designs, or work on their certified aircraft.