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A Service Bulletin is the equivalent of an AD on a Certified Aircraft.  In the Experimental Regulations, no channel exists for AD's, as such we call them Service Bulletins.  A Service Letter is either a suggested change, or designed as an assistance to the owner for an area where multiple difficulties arise.

Pricing shown in any Service Bulletin or Service Letter that is older than 90 days is not valid.

M1=Model 1 S5=Series 5 All
M2=Model 2 S5=Series 5 Safari/Outback
M3=Model 3 S5=Series 5 Voyager/Vixen
M4=Model 4-1050 S6=Series 6
M4/C4=Model 4-1200 L=Lite
M4=Model 4 Speedster L2=Lite²
  S7=Series 7
  S7SS=Series 7 Super Sport


Service Letters (Click on the Service Letter for Link)



#1-Finger Strainers

  Early M1 (Prior to Letter) 

#2-Fuel Tank Installation

   Early M1 (Prior to Letter)

#3-Spark Plugs and Shields

  Early M1 (Prior to Letter)


   Early M1 (Prior to Letter)

#5-FAB-11 & FAB-13 Bushings, Elevator Control Tube

   M1 SN: 56-112

#6-Rotax 532LC Rubber Intake Flanges

11/7/1986 Specific SN Rotax Engines 

#7-Wing Tank Fuel Caps

5/6/1987 M1 (Prior to Letter)

#8-Lift Strut Modification

5/6/1987 M1 SN: 2-116

#9-Plastic Spinners

6/9/1987 M1 with 3 Blade Prop and Plastic Spinner

#10-Wing Tank "T" Fittings

8/14/1987 M1 (Prior to Letter)

#11-Wing Tank Recall

8/20/1987 M1 (Prior to March 23, 1987)

#12-1/4" Propeller Bolts

6/30/1988 M1, M2 (Prior to Letter)

#13-Not Used


#14-E-33 Aluminum Rear Spinner Bulkheads

12/27/1988 M1, M2 SN: 2-263, 278-281

#15-Wing Tanks, WT-1R and WT-1L and Header

3/27/1989 M1, M2 SN: 2-270

#16-Eletric Starter

6/7/1990 Specific Rotax 503, 532 & 582 Engines (Prior to Letter)

#17-Not Used


#18-Preflight Inspection of Rudder Cables

7/22/1991 M1, M2, M3

#19-Oil Injection System

9/3/1991 All Models with Rotax 582 Engines (Prior to letter)

#19A-Oil Injection Systems (Revised)

5/9/1994 All Rotax 2-Stroke Engines

#20-Shock Cords

9/19/1991 M3, M4 (Prior to Letter)

#21-Cotton Pox Micro-Balloons

10/16/1991 M3, M4 SN: 1143-1420

#22-Header Tank and Fuel Line Routing

10/22/1992 All Models using a Header Tank

#23-Dual Brake Braking Problems

12/7/1992 All Models Equipped with Dual Brake Option

#24-Propellar Installation, Torquing Procedures and Maintenance

12/14/1992 All Models

#25-Lift Strut Attachment

3/12/1993 All Models

#25A-Lift Strut Attachment (REVISED)

  1. Wing Dihedral

  2. Lift Strut Adjustment

  1. All non S5 Kitfox's
  2. All Models

#25B-Lift Strut Attachment (REVISED)

  1. Wing Dihedral

  2. Lift Strut Adjustment

  1. All non S5 Kitfox's
  2. All Models

#26-Nose Gear Piston

2/10/1994 S5 Vixen SN: ECV001-LCV023

#27-Airspeed Indicators and Pitot Static System

5/1/1994 All Kitfox™ Owners

#27A-Airspeed Indicators and Pitot Static System (REVISED)

9/7/1994 All Kitfox™ Owners

#28-Sound Absorbing Kit

5/1/1994 All Kitfox's using Rotax 912 with optional pre-sewn sound insulation material installed on the firewall

#29-Vixen Documentation and Upgrade

4/6/1994 All S5 Vixen Owners

#30-Aft CG Limit

5/1/1994 All M4-1200 Models

#30A-Aft CG Limit (REVISED)

9/7/1994 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#31-Tail Skid Bushing

8/15/1994 All S5 Vixen 1200# Models

#32-Elevator Push-Pull Tubes

6/23/1994 All S5 Models

#33-Fuel Valve Mounting Bushing

6/24/1994 All S5 Vixen 1200# Models

#34-Series 5 Horizontal Bushing

8/19/1994 All S5 Models

#35-Rotax 582 Choke Control

8/19/1994 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#36-Cable Guides

8/22/1994 All S5 Models

#37-Series 5 Wing Folding

8/22/1994 All S5 Models

#38-Elevator Control Stop Bushing

9/12/1994 All S5 Models

#39-Belly Stringer Forward Attach Angle

9/14/1994 All S5 Models 

#40-Bridge Rectifier

11/19/1994 All Models

#41-Charging System

10/19/1994 All Models

#42-Center Firewall Section

11/9/1994 All S5 Engine Kits prior to 11/31/94

#43-Series 5 Speedster Rudder

11/28/1994 All S5 Speedsters

#44-Series 5 Connect Tube Threads

11/29/1994 All S5 Fuselage Kits prior to 11/31/94

#45-Ensuring Proper Fuel System Performance

9/21/1995 All Models with Wing Tanks

#46-Possible Fatigue of Vixen Nose Gear Fork

9/1/1995 All S5 Vixens

#47-Rudder Pedal Torgue Tube Cracking

8/22/1995 M1, M2, M3, M4, C4

#48-Welded Landing Gear

8/22/1995 All Taildraggers Aircraft with Welded Landing Gear

#49-Rotax Service Bulletins

8/25/1995 All Models Powered by Rotax Engines

#50-Matco M62 Wheel Installation

8/28/1995 Models with Matco W62 Wheels

#51-Series 5 Round Cowl, Rotax 912 Exhaust System

9/11/1995 S5 Models using Round Cowls and Rotax 912 Engines

#52-Pulsar II and III Aircraft

11/23/1998 Pulsar II & III Models

#53-Rotax 912 and 912S Engine Installations (Pulsar)


Pulsar II & III Models

#54-Field Service Report Request


S5 Models

#55-Weight and Balance


S5 Vixen & Voyager