"The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground!"

Flight Training

Kitfox Aircraft believes proper flight training is essential to safe operation of any aircraft. This is one step to our passion to create safer skies by creating safer aircraft and pilots.
So much so, that we include 7 hours of type specific flight training with every Factory built aircraft (SLSA) we deliver.

A well trained pilot will be able to maximize the utility of his or her aircraft in the safest way possible. While this training is never complete and continues for you as long as you fly, it is a great opportunity to get quality instruction from the only factory endorsed and Kitfox Specific flight school. Stick & Rudder Aviation instructors are dedicated to safety and quality.  They do what it takes to help you be a safe and competent Kitfox pilot. The instruction also meets the training requirements required by many insurance companies.

It is highly recommended that you schedule your instruction here in Idaho.  Idaho offers many opportunities for varying levels of experience and the chance for flying in some of the most beautiful back country available to us mortal pilots.

Stick and Rudder Aviation can also offer the chance to conduct training while you fly your new aircraft home or even ferry your new Kitfox to you and conduct the training around your home airport.

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