"The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground!"

Kitfox Light Sport Features


Easy Folding Wings - One Person
Complete 4130 Welded Fuselage Frame
Streamline Lift Struts
High Gloss Finish
Tubular Aluminum Wing Structure
One Piece Acrylic Windshield
High Gloss Polyurethane Paint


Firewall Forward

Rotax 912ULS 100 hp Engine
Dual Electronic Ignition
Whirlwind Ground Adjustble, 3 Blade Composite Propeller
11" Carbon Fiber Spinner
1-Piece Boot Cowl with Flush joggle Seams for Cowling
2-Piece Fiberglass Cowl with 1/4 Turn Fasteners
Oil Check Door

Flight Controls and Interior

Dual Flight Controls
Ball Bearing Aircraft Control Sticks
Push-Pull Tube Bearing Operated Roll and Pitch Controls
In-Flight, Independent Adjustable Rudder Pedals
Cable Operated Rudder with 1/8 Stainless Cable
Full View Acrylic Bubble Doors on Each Side with Gas Struts
Upholstered and Logo Embroidered Seats
Dual Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Full Carpeted Interior Kit with Map and Document Pocket
4-Point Lap and Shoulder Harnesses
2:1 Differrential Flaperons
2-Postion Flaps
Large - 11 Cu. Ft. Baggage Compartment
Electric Stabilizer Trim
Center Panel Mounted Throttle Control
Center Console Flap Control
Center Console Pitch Trim Switch
Cabin Fresh Air Eyeball Vents
Dual Under Seat Storage Compartments

Fuel System

Gravity Feed Fuel System
27 Gallon Fuel System - 13 Gallons Wing Tanks
1 Gallon Aluminum Header Tank
Aluminum Fuel Lines from Header Tank to Firewall
Inline Fuel Filter
Fuel Selctor Valve - ON/OFF
Fuel Quantity Site Gauges

Landing Gear

Aluminum Spring Gear
Grove Aircraft 600 x 6 Wheels
Double Puck Hydraulic Disc Brakes
6:00 x 6 Main Tires
8" Full Swivel Steerable Tail Wheel
Full 90 Degree Castor Nose Wheel
Parking Brake

Safety Features

AOA System
4 Point Lap and Shoulder Harness
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
Visual Fuel Gauges
Complete 4130 Reinforced Fuselage
Full 360 Degree Visibility
Over 32 Year History
Never a Reported In-Flight Strucural Failure