Service Alerts

IMPORTANT Information

A “Service Alert“ are precautionary maintenance items published by Kitfox for Kitfox owners. These alerts should not be considered a “Service Bulletin“ or a “Service Letter“ but should be read and the guidance that is published implemented on your aircraft.

LEGENDModel Codes

M1 = Model 1
M2 = Model 2
M3 = Model 3
M4 = Model 4 – 1050
M4 / C4 =Model 4-1200
M4 = Model 4 Speedster
S5 = Series 5 All / Safari / Outback / Voyager / Vixen
S6 = Series 6
L = Lite
L2 = L2
S7 = Series 7
S7SS = Series 7 Super Sport

Service Alerts
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