Service Bulletins

IMPORTANT Information

A “Service Bulletin“ is the equivalent of an “AD“ (Airworthiness Directive) on a Certified Aircraft. In the Experimental Regulations, no channel exists for AD’s, as such we call them Service Bulletins. These items are considered MANDATORY airworthiness items that should be fixed according to the Service Bulletin information.

A Service Letter is either a suggested change or designed as an assistant to the owner for an area where multiple difficulties arise.

* Pricing Information expires 90 days after the date of the issue of a Service Bulletin.

LEGENDModel Codes

M1 = Model 1
M2 = Model 2
M3 = Model 3
M4 = Model 4 – 1050
M4 / C4 =Model 4-1200
M4 = Model 4 Speedster
S5 = Series 5 All / Safari / Outback / Voyager / Vixen
S6 = Series 6
L = Lite
L2 = L2
S7 = Series 7
S7SS = Series 7 Super Sport

Service Bulletins
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